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Company History___________________________

Capco®, Capital Tool Manufacturing Company, Inc. was founded in Maryland and buillt its first roll grinder in 1941.

1972 Capco® moves to Salem, Virginia.

1977 Capco® acquired by West and introduces newly designed RG 1400 Roll Grinder.

1980 Capco® introduces newly designed `HD' - Heavy Duty Roll Grinders for the Aluminum, Paper, and Steel Industry and for roll makers, for rolls up to 1500 mm in diameter.

1981 Capco® develops proprietary CNC system and builds first CNC to crown rolls worldwide.

1986 Capco® introduces new SuperGrinder™ Series `RG' roll grinders for rolls up to 24 inches in diameter and is the first company to use all AC motors and drives in roll grinding machines.

1991 Capco® introduces new state-of-the-art Capco® SuperGrinder™ Series 'SG' roll grinders with integrated Capco® Roll Measuring System for rolls up to 3000 mm in diameter and up to 300 tons in weight, marrying the ideally traditional heavy duty design with modern CNC controls and digital AC motors and drives.

1991 Capco® introduces new modern and specialized Capco® SuperGrinder™ Series TT roll grinders for cluster mill rolls in the same spirit and technology as the SuperGrinder™ Model SG series.

1992 Capco® builds and moves into new climate controlled state of the art manufacturing facility in Roanoke, Virginia.

1995 Capco® changes the company name to: Capco® Machinery Systems, Inc.

1997 Capco® introduces the new generation of PC-based Open Architecture Control (OAC) and the latest measuring technology, Capco® Roll Metrology System.

1998 Capco® introduces the new generation of specially designed plunge grinders for business machine and printer rolls, SuperGrinder™ Series 'RGP', with cycle times below 30 seconds.

1998 Capco® introduces new superprecision automatic steady rests for the SuperGrinder™ Model 'TT' series, based on the latest technology and on the power of the Capco® OAC control.

1999 Capco® introduces the latest version of its OAC Control, the ABSOLUTE all-digital Capco® OAC 10.0, entering the 21st century with the latest available technology in grinding machine control.

2000 Capco® introduces e-Manufacturing to roll shops world wide. Capco® connects its Level 1 OAC 10.0 CNC/PLC SuperGrinder™ controls to its Level 2 RSCS roll shop computer management system and Level 3 MES plant wide network via Capco®'s web-based internet connected communication system.

2002 Capco® installs 2 fully automated SuperGrinder™ cells with automatic loaders and automatic conveyor pallet transfer systems at Thyssen Krupp Nirosta, Germany, that operate 24/7 in a lights out manufacturing environment.

2002 Capco® introduces the latest generation PC-Based Capco® Single-Board OAC 11.0 CNC/PLC controls for roll grinders, cylindrical grinders, turning machines, milling and drilling machines, etc.

2002 Capco® introduces new SuperGrinder™ 'MG' series modular grinders for internal grinding, O.D. grinding, surface grinding and centerless grinding.

2004 Capco® China is established in Shanghai including sales office, demo facility, service center and bonded warehouse for spare parts to serve our rapidly growing Chinese customers.

2006 Capco® further adds to its customer support beyond the high precision grinding of the 20-Hi Zmill rolls by offering advanced knowledge and technical support in the field of backing bearings.We now offer State-of- the-Art bearing grinding fixtures

2007 Capco® installs No. 3 fully automated SuperGrinder™ cell with an articulating rotary gripper for the automatic loader to further increase productivity in roll loading and coupled with an automatic conveyor pallet transfer systems. Again, the German-based ThyssenKrupp put its trust; not only in their No. 11 Capco® machine but; further placing the need for higher technology ahead of National pride of buying local made machines.

2008 Capco® China relocates to a Full Service Office complex including: general manager, sales assistant and fulltime staff engineer to further enhance China market support.


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